Reform Polythene - Pallet Racking

External pallet racking and concrete pads installed in Derby including anti-collapse mesh and painted in Reform's company colours.

The Challenge

We completed this external pallet racking installation in this client Yard space. This space was previously only floor loaded with many pallets of raw materials and finished products. This meant that there was very limited space to manoeuvre outside. It also meant that a lot of stock would be backed up and congest the warehouse and factory floor. This meant there was inefficiency’s when a specific pallet was needed from outside 5 or 6 pallets may need to be moved to get access to the one required.

This installation has allowed a much more efficient process on site for the client in most of there workflow on site from raw materials coming into the site, going through the factory to good being dispatched. A yard area is often overlooked but could become a valuable storage facility. This installation ahs provided an additional 250No. pallet locations to the site that would have never been achievable on this site in their internal space.

To be able to install the racking we needed to form concrete piers for the pallet racking to sit on as we couldn’t fit directly onto the tarmac. this is due the nature of tarmac being extremely soft, the pallet racking would have sunk in to the tarmac over time.

The yard has a railway embankment on one of its demises. The client wanted one of the runs To be situated along this demise. To make this safer we installed anti-collapse mesh to the back of this run. This will stop any stock potentially falling through the back of the racking due to poor loading and falling on to the embankment.

The Solution

External pallet racking systems are highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the configuration to suit their specific requirements. Whether you're storing bulky items, fragile goods, or a combination of both, these systems can be designed to accommodate various load sizes and weight capacities. Additionally, accessories such as roofs and back / side cladding can further enhance the functionality and durability of outdoor racking, ensuring that inventory remains secure and accessible in any weather conditions.

Another notable benefit of external pallet racking is its contribution to improved workflow and operational efficiency. By relocating certain inventory items outdoors, businesses can free up valuable indoor space for other purposes, such as assembly, packing, or quality control. This optimization of internal floor space can lead to smoother logistics processes, reduced congestion, and ultimately, enhanced productivity throughout the supply chain.

In conclusion, this external pallet racking systems offered a versatile and efficient storage solution for our client seeking to optimize their warehouse space and streamline operations. By leveraging outdoor areas and customizing the configuration to meet specific needs. You could enhance productivity and maximize inventory capacity with external pallet racking.

Colin, James and the team were fantastic from start to finish. From initial quote to completion of snaggings everything was carried out with great professionalism and good humour. A real pleasure to work with and the gym looks amazing!

Steve Breese | Gym Work

Reform Polythene - Pallet Racking

Reform Polytehene - Pallet Racking

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