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The Challenge

This project was to provide a large company who produces furniture with a much larger off-site storage facility. To achieve this the client found a complex with two old barns about a mile from their main site that were renovated and fitted with a new pallet racking system complete with various accessory’s

The Solution

Tubular end frame barriers were installed to protect racking from accidental impacts caused by forklifts or other machinery. With their sleek design and durable construction, tubular end frame barriers provide both peace of mind and practical protection, ensuring the integrity of the storage system.

On this project we also provided open-boarded rough sawn timber decks These decks offer a versatile storage solution, capable of accommodating various loads and sizes which was ideal for the use case as various furniture of items different sizes are to be stored throughout the racking. decks are also an important safety feature on pallet racking as they can reduce the chances of a pallet falling through the racking or damage if a pallet collapses while on the racking.

Steel upright protectors stand against the wear and tear of daily warehouse operations. Their robust construction shields pallet racking uprights from potential damage, preserving the structural integrity of the entire pallet racking system. With steel upright protectors in place, warehouses can operate with confidence, knowing that their investments are safeguarded against unforeseen accidents and mishaps.

We had an exposed back to one run of pallet racking due to the layout of the building to mitigate the risks we installed anti-collapse mesh. Anti-collapse mesh serves as a vital precautionary measure, preventing goods from falling off racks and endangering personnel behind / below. This safety feature provides an additional layer of protection, promoting a secure working environment for all warehouse staff.

We also provided pedestrian barriers to form designated walkways and pedestrian area. These barriers will forma clear distinction from warehouse to personnel areas making a safer working environment.

Colin, James and the team were fantastic from start to finish. From initial quote to completion of snaggings everything was carried out with great professionalism and good humour. A real pleasure to work with and the gym looks amazing!

Steve Breese | Gym Work

Pallet Racking - Huncote

Pallet Racking - Huncote

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